Teachers Corner


FORGIVENESS The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong ‘Gandhi’. In life each of us experience many hurts from a close friend, a neighbour, a colleague or a

Article By Tr. Pinky Morajkar

Annual Report

CHRONICLES FOR 2015-2016 The chronology of events presents to you the clear picture of the activities carry out during the course of the academic year 2015-2016. Date Happenings  &


VISION STATEMENT  The Handmaids of Christ animated and guided by the spirit of Msgr. Herculano Gonsalves, aim at integral formation and liberation of the human person. We strive to acti

Students Corner

My Ambition In Life

Every child has an ambition. Some say ,”I want to be a doctor,”a player”, “a teacher”, or someone else. But as one grows, he/she begins to understand what their desire is, what they tru

India of My Dream

India Of My Dream India! India! India! All the time I think about India of my dream just like you all. I am a citizen of India and love my motherland. Nowadays, we hear corruption! corr

Be a Proud Indian

Be a Proud Indian This is for those who say that India is backward in education and discoveries India never invaded any country in the last 1000 years The decimal system was developed i

Effects of Social Media on today’s generation

Effects of Social Media on today’s generation Being a teenager, I can say that social media is how most of the teenagers run their life, but is it the right way ?Social media has become

Thought of the Day

  • Do  not entertain thoughts and desires that will not be approved by God
    Msgr. Heculano Gonsalves
  • I pray that you live joyfully in the Lord
    Msgr. Heculano Gonsalves
  • Be only for God, all for God, Always for God
    Msgr. Herculano D. Gonsalves
  • Work for the union of Minds, Hearts and  Actions
    Msgr. Herculano D. Gonsalves
  • All that you do, do it for the glory of God
    Msgr. Herculano D. Gonsalves
  • Whatever you do, do it to please  God
    Msgr. Herculano D. Gonsalves