Hymn of St. Joseph

Dear St. Joseph pure and gentle Guardian of the Saviour Child Treading  with the Virgin Mother Egypt’s desert rough and wild Hail St. Joseph spouse on high B lessed above all saints on high When the death shades round us gather Teach, oh teach us how to die.

School Anthem

O blessed St. Joseph to whom God grants power to open his dear heart, from it to pour full stream of grace open to us his heart Pray now and always for us that love thee Prayer in our sorrows, pray in our need With thee St. Joseph we thy children plead.

Prayer After Class

We give you thanks, Almighty God for all the benefits you have conferred upon us. Oh my God I love you with my whole heart and above all things I am heartily sorry for having offended you because you are so good and I firmly resolve not to offend you any more. Amen.

Prayer Before Class

Eternal God Creator of all I firmly believe that I am now in your Divine presence I adore Your Divine Majesty and I ask of you to enlighten my mind that I may know you more clearly and to move my heart for your sake.