Effects of Social Media on today’s generation

Effects of Social Media on today’s generationguymon-social-media-literacy-Thinkstock

Being a teenager, I can say that social media is how most of the teenagers run their life, but is it the right way ?Social media has become a part of life since the 21st century. Nowadays everyone gets their news from social media and internet. Newspapers are slowly dying because of the use of internet and social media network.
Social media is the reason for many of the worlds problems and solutions. It can be used to raise awareness of important issues but it is also misleading the young generation. Media today has a huge influence on teenagers. Be it television, computer, video games, social networking sites etc. But all is not bad with media if used rightly it can change many lives for good.
Nowadays a lot of people are using social networking sites such as face book, whatsapp, twitter and so on. Since the internet has propagated rapidly it has progressed a lot. People are almost using smart phones and other devices which have access to internet and hence make the use of social network easy. It helps to contact friends and family members even though they live far away. It could be however abused if not used properly. Today’s teenagers spend most of their time on social media everyday. It is becoming more than the part of their lives. It is becoming their world. They spend less time with family members and more time with strangers. The time teenagers spend playing physical games have decreased significantly causing more depression and obesity.
If children are introduced to bad habits and communicate with the wrong people then they are likely to alter their behaviour and attitude in order to fit in with their new peer group. Interacting with the wrong people would cause the children behave negatively.
Depending upon how much control we have, social media can be harmful or useful. It Is our responsibility to make life more meaningful through the use of social media.

By:Aquila Mendes

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