Every day, it’s a new Start by Liza Maharishi IX C



Every day, it’s a new Start

Every day, it begins with a new start,
and everytime, it has something special!
Sometimes cakes sometimes tarts,
sometimes vegetables and sometimes dal!

God has planned something new,
and I forget my same old view!
Somewhere, some how my dreams come true,
like the water flowing in the blue!

Different colours to wear purple, black ,white and pink,
and different types of juices to drink!
Some make me happy, some make me sad,
and when my mood goes up, off I just jump to bed!

So my dear friends everyday, it’s a new start,
with joy, sadness and sorrow we tear apart!
It’s up to you how you take your day,
because it always starts in a new way!
By:Liza Maharishi

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