Hedgehog Holiday! by Cainan Noronha V A

hedgehogHedgehog Holiday !

The weather is very cool;
The sky is clear and blue.
It’s a hedgehog holiday ,
so its running on its feet,
In a rush to reach,
The nearby street.
will it reach in time,
to meet its cousins and friends?

It passed the city,
and reached the countryside,
Where bundles of hay,
were kept in a pile.
So it rested on them
For a while!

It woke up
And to freshen up he jumped in the pool,
Which was very very cool.
It jumped out in sheer fright,
And dried itself till night

Now our hedgehog is fast asleep
Dreaming of his friends,
who always hide in their den.
It is time to enjoy all day.
For it’s a hedgehog holiday!

By:Cainan Noronha

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