If I were The Prime Minister of India – By Anmer Cratso V A

If I were The Prime Minister of India

I wish I were the prime minister of India. It may have been a vain and unreal idea on my part, but I really feel that I could do a little bit for my country as a Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is the greatest servant of the country. He must be selfless, devoted and ready to make any sacrifice for the common good of the nation. I am by nature soft – hearted. Another man’s wound pains me as severely as my own. My sense of self-respect is injured when I find poverty sticking to my country. Men look like some ugly disreputable disease. My head hangs in shame when I see my brethren leading their lives at a sub human level. As the Prime Minister of my country, it will be my aim and ambition to bring prosperity to the hungry millions.

I shall keep my country secure by keeping a strong army. I know it is both futile and disputable to be defenseless. The strength of the Indian army will keep others away from our borders. I would not like to start a war, but would not allow anybody to walk over our defences.

I shall strive to keep good relations with all countries. I shall try to have some friends. No country exists in isolation in this era. I shall have such relations with other countries as well and enhance our prestige abroad. This is possible only when we are internally strong.

Internal strength depends on the economic development of a country. I shall try to make India as much self-sufficient as possible. My first care will be self-sufficiency in food. I would work with all my might to raise the status of my country.

No country can progress unless her citizens are educated and can make a distinction between right and wrong. A very high percentage of young boys and girls of my country go to school. I shall see that there are only good schools  and all boys and girls, whether rich or poor, get the same education. This alone will give them equal opportunities in life. There should be no corruption in education. Thus, I believe I shall be able to carry the lamp of knowledge to the remotest dark homes of my country.

Thus I would make India of my  dreams


Anmer Crasto


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