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India! India! India! All the time I think about India of my dream just like you all. I am a citizen of India and love my motherland. Nowadays, we hear corruption! corruption ! everywhere there is corruption. Not only corruption but there are also cases like rapes, sexual harassment, murder, robberies etc. But in my dream of India, all these bad things are not there. It is a place where there is equality, women empowerment and feeling of brotherhood within the citizens. It would be a nation with all beauty signifying the cultures, traditions and heritage of India. It should be the most powerful and developed nation in the world. Each citizen should have equal rights and there should be no such gap as it is now between the rich and the poor. Nowadays, the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. There should be no rich and no poor. It should be free from terrorism and should have love and respect for every religion and also there should be peace and harmony between the citizens. They should live together as one united nation. There should be progress in all the fields of life with better, hygienic and richer place to live. The Government of India should be of the people. It should be a corruption free nation. The dream of India should be the most advanced country in the world in the field of science and technology. The government of India should stress more on the education system such as using modern gadgets in order to explain the concepts of the syllabus. There should be jobs available in each city and people should get jobs of their choice and will not have to migrate to other cities. There should be proper disposal of garbage, regular supply of water, medical facilities provided and no electricity problems. There should be no shortage of anything. There should be no chances of terrorist attack with the defence of India being very strong. The defence minister should take it very seriously about the protection of people. There should be advanced tools inorder to increase the production, so that no one should die of starvation. Today, we hear and see on the T.V that lots of people are dying especially children due to starvation. The number of crimes like rapes, murder, robberies etc should be reduced to zero due to the strong security by the police department. We have seen that even today in some of the remote areas, there is still child labour, dowry system and practice of sati . But in India of my dream these practices or the systems should not be carried out due to modernization. Education should be provided to each and every child in India and no child should be allowed to labour. There should be no existence of mass poverty, illiteracy , social injustice, gender discrimination, castecism and communalism. Every common man will get to fulfill his basic needs. Jobs should be provided based on education and knowledge and not on recommendations. All Indians should participate in making India prosperous and free from pollution , conserving the natural resources inorder to make India green. The youth of India should participate in development of our nation and carry out activities for the betterment as the youth are the pillars of the nation. No right of citizen should be violated and also the citizens of India should strictly follow rules and regulations properly and due respect to the law of the land. In my dream of India, People should be more disciplined and should be cared by others. I pray that India of my dream may be realized.

By:Melvita Rocha
Std:IX A

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