My Ambition In Life


Every child has an ambition. Some say ,”I want to be a doctor,”a player”, “a teacher”, or someone else. But as one grows, he/she begins to understand what their desire is, what they truly want to become. Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam once said, “Dream is not what you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep”. And it is this dream, that is one’s true ambition.
Just like all other kids , I too began by saying, “ want to be a doctor”, “a player” and so on. But as I grew, I realised that this is not what I want to become, this isn’t my true ambition. Just an inspiration is enough to make you change your ambition and the same thing happened to me. My inspiration, unlike others wasn’t a personality. The words “space” and aero” always fascinated me and that was my inspiration. And now if anyone asks me, what I want to become in life, I confidently say I want to be an aerospace engineer or an aeronautical engineer and work for NASA(National Aeronautics and space administration) and then for ISRO (Indian Space research Organisation) or DRDO (Defence Research and development organisation)
With this as my ambition in life, I look forward to chase my dream, my desire and one day make my family and most importantly my nation proud.

Kashyap D Shirodkar

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