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  1. Mona Gupta Reply


    Hope you are doing well. Let me just very briefly give my introduction.

    I am a kindergarten teacher with a reputed Public School in New Delhi,
    India. I have 10 years of teaching experience in national and
    international schools and am extremely passionate about singing rhymes
    and songs to our young ones. I started my career with an expat school in
    Doha, Qatar.

    I truly believe that the regular exposure to reciting/singing, right
    from an early age, triggers immense confidence in our little ones.
    Rhymes carve a world of their own, which is a fun loaded way of

    I have compiled a collection of 60 popular rhymes and songs,
    which I have learnt nationally and internationally. The plan of a book
    with a CD is in the wings.
    There are many rhyme books available but the words could be of no good
    until and unless the right rhythm and tune is known.

    I am curious to know as a pre publishing survey whether your esteemed
    school would be willing to try this book either as a reference source
    or a course book.
    If time permits, kindly reply with a mere YES or NO.

    Would be highly grateful.
    Best wishes,

    PS : If I may add, FYI, the book will be priced very affordably, tentatively around
    INR 250, ( around $3.70 ) which is way less that what a
    book & CD are priced.
    The book is at the publication stage. It should be out within a
    month. I plan to upload a few rhymes on a fb page once it is ready to
    be shared. If interested, an online order could then be comfortably placed.

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